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120 Elkins Avenue
Arcadia, CA 91006

Mojoe Outfitters designs, produces and sells American made products for outdoor enthusiasts that turn conventional wisdom upside down.  These products are the wellspring of over three decades of living the outdoor experience - whether it be in the mountains, the deserts, the stadium parking lot or simply, the backyard.  Mojoe Outfitters is about "Family and Friends - Outside". 


The Blog with Mojoe

The mojoe blog explores the best that outdoor cooking has to offer using the best and most versatile camp grill in the world. We'll cover Mojoe Grill techniques for campfire grilling, kettle style grilling and propane stove top grilling. Being outdoors never tasted so good.

New Mojoe Customer From Echo Park Sounds Off!

Camron Stone

Jeff from LA just sent us this description of his first cook on the Mojoe Griddle:

"We took the griddle for its first spin on my wife's b-day last night. Holy cow, was it fun! We cooked some recipes out of Francis Mallmann's Seven Fires and they turned out incredible. Caramelized Endives + Cowboy Ribeyes + Brioche Salad and grilled Dates. Delicious!!

The crust [on the ribeyes] was incredible! It really cooks like a giant cast-iron pan. We had friends over and they couldn't believe how much better the steaks tasted cooked on the Mojoe. I have a feeling you'll be getting some more orders in the ensuing weeks."

Here's the photo he sent of his wife with the Mojoe in their backyard:

Cowboy Ribeyes

Pat Womack From Virginia Loves His New Mojoe!

Camron Stone

I recently received this email from a happy Virginia customer describing his first use of his new Mojoe Griddle.  He beautifully describes some of the finer points of the Mojoe's amazing cooking performance:



I just finished un-boxing the griddle and did my first seasoning. I AM BLOWN AWAY ALREADY.

I did this first seasoning on my Weber Kettle. Washed it off in the sink with soap as instructed while I was getting a full chimney of coals, plus some I had in the kettle from my last cook, nice and hot. 

After sitting the Mojoe on top of the Kettle, I meticulously used my infrared thermometer to measure temps to see how fast it got up. It's about 38 degrees outside and it was up to 350 in about 2-3 minutes. Very impressed. 

I have a particular seasoning process, but I still followed your directions. Salted it then oiled it. But then I used some green onions, bell pepper, and white onions with some oil and basically lathered them into the steel for about 10-15 minutes until they were basically black. The Mojoe was up to around 625 degrees at this point and the temp barely dropped when I put the onions on. 

After doing this, I decided to make my favorite. SMASHBURGER. Rolled come ground beef into a ball and smashed the crap out of it with my huge spatula (you should get one, it's amazing) parchment paper and a heat resistant glove that's safe up to 700 degrees. I kid you not, while pressing that burger down onto the Mojoe, I could feel the heat coming thru the patty into the spatula and into my glove. It didn't burn me, but I have never been able to feel any kind of heat wearing those gloves even when I grab a basket of hot coals out of my Pit Barrel Cooker. 

I didn't want the burger to burn so I flipped it about 45 seconds earlier than usual and OMG IT WAS PERFECT. That sear was unlike anything I've ever gotten from cast iron or my Blackstone griddle. Other methods I've used simply did not compare. And again, it was in the 30s! And even better was that the spot temped out at nearly 480 degrees. Barely any drop at all from a cold piece of meat. My Blackstone would have been down in the 200s. 

Eating it was a joy. In fact, I didn't even bother putting it on a bun, I just gobbled it down right off the griddle top. Then did the final seasoning/cleaning and removed it over to my Jumbo Joe to cool so I could extinguish the coals on my 22.5" Kettle. 

I am so very impressed and this was really just a seasoning/test cook. I can't wait to make my first video. Still working on a logo, an intro logo for my channel, and to get a couple more tripods in. At that point I'll start posting and there will be a lot of videos made using this griddle. 

Again, thank you so much for the lip and for inventing such a fantastic product. I can't wait to get many many years of use. Hopefully lifetimes :). 

Have a great day. 


A Mojoe Beach Party in San Francisco

Camron Stone

A Mojoe Owner now living in San Francisco took his Mojoe to the beach where he and his buddies made a temporary hot tub that they heated using their campfire while at the same time cooking a great meal on the Mojoe.  Here is Cameron's story:

Some buddies and I went to Ocean Beach (SF) last night to make a home-made hot tub. We brought buckets of water from the ocean, filled our pit, and pumped water through a copper coil in the fire back into the tub (using a water pump powered by a car battery). We had burning hot water, and of course the best part--the Mojoe. Desert style rellenos, shrooms and onions, shiskabobs, and sausage.  Couldn't have asked for a better night.


Hot Tub With Mojoe!
Mojoe Goodness and Hot Water
It don't git much better'n dat!

It don't git much better'n dat!