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120 Elkins Avenue
Arcadia, CA 91006

Mojoe Outfitters designs, produces and sells American made products for outdoor enthusiasts that turn conventional wisdom upside down.  These products are the wellspring of over three decades of living the outdoor experience - whether it be in the mountains, the deserts, the stadium parking lot or simply, the backyard.  Mojoe Outfitters is about "Family and Friends - Outside". 


Mojoe Griddle Cooking on a Propane Stove

Mojoe Cooking on a Propane Stove:

The Mojoe Griddle "Heat-Flo System" mounting bars allow the Mojoe Griddle to be mounted on any high-output propane burner or stove.  These bars hold the Griddle up off the rim of the stove so that the heat and air from the burner can flow out evenly to the edge of the Griddle.  Any high-output propane stove that you have in your garage can be used-  Anything from Camp Chef dual burner stoves to deep-fat turkey fryer burners.

Mojoe Outfitters cooks American Haute Cuisine in the far outback in Utah's Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument! Fresh Rack of Lamb is on the menu with fingerling potatoes and sugar snap peas. The perfect wilderness meal with a spectacular Utah backdrop!

Mojoe Outfitters cooks up a Mexican version of Oysters Rockefeller using the Mojoe Griddle as an oven! The oysters came directly out of the waters of San Quintin Bay in Baja just hours before the cook! A dozen pearls from heaven! Cooked in front of our room at the Old Mill Hotel, San Quintin.



Mojoe Outfitters goes wild and cooks up an incredible breakfast on the Mojoe Griddle in front of one of the most jaw-dropping scenic views in the world!  We used a Camp Chef propane stove as the heat source for the Mojoe Griddle.

Music and Editing by John Stone.


Mojoe Outfitters cooks up some kicked-up breakfast sandwiches in the gorgeous wilderness of the White Mountains in CA. OutdoorX4 Magazine features this recipe in their latest issue - Check it out!  Music and editing by John Stone

Extremely fast, easy and tasty chipotle ground beef tacos for the backyard or the campsite cooked on the Mojoe Griddle. Includes Silly Walk bonus! Silly Walk by Sir Brian Sweet. Music and editing by John Stone

Mojoe Outfitters cooks up some crunchy and tasty breakfast burritos while camping in the White Mountains of CA. We used our new Mojoe Strap-On Griddlip to bank cooked food against while we assembled the burritos! Heat source: Camp Chef Stove

Mojoe Outfitters cooks an amazing chorizo and eggs breakfast on a Camp Stove in the middle of the Mojave Desert.