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120 Elkins Avenue
Arcadia, CA 91006

Mojoe Outfitters designs, produces and sells American made products for outdoor enthusiasts that turn conventional wisdom upside down.  These products are the wellspring of over three decades of living the outdoor experience - whether it be in the mountains, the deserts, the stadium parking lot or simply, the backyard.  Mojoe Outfitters is about "Family and Friends - Outside". 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Mojoe Griddle made in America?

A: Yes

Mojoe Griddle FAQtoids 

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Mojoe at the Desert Rendezvous

What is the warranty for the Mojoe Griddle?

The Mojoe Griddle, the Mojoe Grapplers and the fire-pit legs all come with a lifetime warranty.  If any of these items break or fails structurally, return to Mojoe Outfitters for free repair or replacement.  This warranty specifically does not cover rust damage on the Mojoe Griddle.  It is your responsibility to store the Mojoe Griddle out of the weather and in a dry place.

What is the Mojoe Griddle Made of?

The Mojoe Griddle is made from high quality ¼ inch (.25”) thick hot rolled steel plate.  This material is far different and far better than the cast iron pot metal used on many portable griddles on the market.  The main disk and the underside Mojoe Mounts are cut from steel plate using a computer controlled plasma cutter.  The Mojoe Griddle contains over 35 pounds of high grade steel.  The Mojoe Grapplers (handles) are made from high quality stainless steel rod and tubing.  The detachable legs are made from 5/8” galvanized steel rod.

Why is the Mojoe Griddle better than any other portable Griddle on the market?

There are a great many reasons why the patent pending design of the Mojoe Griddle make it the very best outdoor cooking griddle on the market.  Here are just a few:

  • The ¼ inch thick steel plate is a giant heat sink/thermal conductor that provides the most even heat distribution from whatever heat source is chosen.  Other griddles made with thinner sheet steel or cast iron will invariably have hot spots that will burn your food or cold spots that won’t cook at all.
  • The Mojoe Griddle is designed for use on many different heat sources including kettle type BBQ’s, gas grills, campfires and heavy duty/high output propane camp stoves.
  • The Mojoe Griddle has a huge cooking surface of over three square feet (It’s actually Pi square feet for you eggheads out there!).  It has one of the largest cooking surfaces of any griddle on the market.
  • The Mojoe Griddle comes with a pair of removable Mojoe Grapplers (handles) that allow you to carry the Mojoe Griddle vertically (using one Grappler) or horizontally (using both Grapplers).  Also, the Mojoe Grapplers are designed to be removed from the Mojoe Griddle when you are cooking providing a clean and un-obstructed cooking surface.  Oven mitts are not needed to remove the Mojoe Griddle from the heat source because the Grapplers stay cool while you are cooking and can be re-attached to remove the Mojoe Griddle from the heat source.
  • The Mojoe Griddle has no edge lip or grease trough allowing super-fast clean up- just scrape everything you don’t want onto the ground or into the campfire.  This design also allows you to scrape cooked food directly onto your plates by slipping the plate under the edge of the Mojoe griddle.
  • The Mojoe Griddle is the only griddle that has the Patent Pending Mojoe Heat Flow System.   The Mojoe Heat Flow System consists of three steel bars welded radially to the bottom of the Mojoe Griddle.  These bars allow you to place the Mojoe Griddle on any kettle type BBQ or high output propane stove with a very stable “Three Points of Contact”.  These bars also raise the Mojoe Griddle off the BBQ or Stove about one inch allowing flames, heat and hot air to flow out evenly around the entire edge of the Mojoe Griddle.
  • The Mojoe Griddle comes with three detachable campfire legs that can be screwed into the bottom of the Mojoe Griddle when you want to cook over your campfire.  These legs will hold the Mojoe Griddle at a perfect 10 inches above the coals and flames of your fire.
  • The beautifully flat surface of the Mojoe Griddle allows you to scrape any food bits or grease right off the surface and into the campfire or onto the ground.  Clean-up is unbelievably easy.

Where is the Mojoe Griddle Made?

Believe it or not, the Mojoe Griddle is manufactured in Southern California, USA.

Is Mojoe Outfitters going to offer a heavy-duty cover/carrying case for the Mojoe Griddle?

Yes, a heavy-duty Mojoe Griddle carrying case is in the works and will be available shortly.  All purchasers of the Mojoe Griddle will be notified by email when the carrying case is available.

Why does the Mojoe Griddle cost more than most other portable griddles on the market?

The Mojoe Griddle is made from 35 pounds of high-grade, one-quarter inch thick steel plate.  No other portable griddle on the market currently uses this material.  Most are made from cheap “cast iron” pot metal or, from thin sheet steel less than 1/8” thick. The Mojoe Griddle also provides more cooking surface (over three square feet) than almost every other portable griddle on the market.  The two Mojoe Grapplers (handles) included are made from high-grade stainless steel.  The Mojoe Griddle and the included Grapplers and legs are all virtually indestructible.

An investment in the Mojoe Griddle is an investment that your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will also enjoy.

Who will benefit the most from the purchase of a Mojoe Griddle?

Anyone who cooks outdoors or needs to cook meals for a lot of people very quickly will become a “star” in the eyes of their friends, family and/or clients when they use the Mojoe Griddle.   The Mojoe Griddle’s unique and patent pending ability to easily transition for use on a wide variety of heat sources including your campfire, kettle BBQ, gas grill or outdoor propane stove make it the perfect fit for many different cooking communities including:

  • ·         Back yard cooks
  • ·         Party/family get-together hosts
  • ·         Campers
  • ·         The entire RV community
  • ·         Tailgaters
  • ·         ATV enthusiasts
  • ·         Hunters
  • ·         Caterers
  • ·         Restaurants with patio dining facilities
  • ·         Scout troops
  • ·         Survivalists
  • ·         Charities
  • ·         Military field kitchens
  • ·         Expedition and tour operators


What other products will Mojoe Outfitters be offering?

Mojoe Outfitters was founded on the principle that conventional wisdom is often wrong.  In the future we will be offering many new products that turn conventional wisdom upside down.   These products will become the new standard for the best in outdoor and food products.  Every conventional outdoor and food product is fair game for “Mojoe Magic”.  Look for everything from Mojoe Toothpicks to Smoked Mojoe Salmon to be offered in the near future at

If you have a product that you feel is groundbreaking enough to be called “Mojoe” contact and we’ll give it a try.