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120 Elkins Avenue
Arcadia, CA 91006

Mojoe Outfitters designs, produces and sells American made products for outdoor enthusiasts that turn conventional wisdom upside down.  These products are the wellspring of over three decades of living the outdoor experience - whether it be in the mountains, the deserts, the stadium parking lot or simply, the backyard.  Mojoe Outfitters is about "Family and Friends - Outside". 

The Blog with Mojoe

The mojoe blog explores the best that outdoor cooking has to offer using the best and most versatile camp grill in the world. We'll cover Mojoe Grill techniques for campfire grilling, kettle style grilling and propane stove top grilling. Being outdoors never tasted so good.

Robert Jenkins From Hemit, CA Loves His New Mojoe!

Camron Stone

Hi Cam,

I received the Mojoe on Monday as you said I would, however because I have a job, had to wait until this Thursday morning to open the package.

I am simply writing to say Thank you!, The Mojoe griddle is even better than I thought it would be. I can't remember the last time I purchased a product that I was totally impressed by the quality and feel I got my moneys worth. The surface of the griddle, even though not pre-seasoned, is so smooth.

As you stated in one of your videos, its like Teflon! Of course I washed it and seasoned it as per the instructions, and then preceded to make my breakfast. Wow! I love it! The bacon, the eggs and cheese, onions, garlic and everything! I kept searching the frig for stuff I could throw on.

Although I do have a Weber kettle, my wife, for Christmas, gave me a bayou classic burner, and to my wonderful surprise, the Mojoe fits perfectly and securely on top of it due to three "beams" welded on the bottom of the Mojoe. Its like it was made specifically for it. It automatically centers and "locks" in place. And the kettle too!

Watching your videos, I was afraid the strap on would want to "pop off" of the griddle due to the way the dowels set into the griddle to locate it. I did not realize that it has a special dowel that locks it in with the natural spring tension of the strap on so that it cant come out even if you get rough with it. What a great and ingenious design!

Oh yah, the grapplers, high quality with beautiful welds, and I didn't expect the end caps to finish them off either.

One more thing, the packaging for shipping was totally adequate, nicely done Cam!

Thank You Cam!!

Robert Jenkins